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Smart Garage Doors

Smart Garage Doors For Home Automation by

The garage door is the most common way for people to enter the home. It can also be a big security risk if you leave it open. Now you can easily connect your garage door to your smart home system and stay in control.

Your garage door can be controlled through a mobile app. This allows you to easily see if you left it open, and open or close it from anywhere. Most garage doors made after 1998 can be retrofitted to enable smart control. Make sure it is safe for unattended control with features like an audible alert before it closes, and an auto stop feature if something, or someone, is in the way.

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Automated Smart Home Access

Smart locks and garage doors are even more useful when integrated into a complete smart home solution. You can fully automate these devices to make sure your home is safe. For example, when you arm your security system, your locks can automatically lock and the garage door can automatically close. You can even get smart alerts based on your location, so if you leave home in a hurry and forget to secure the door, you’ll receive an alert, and you can lock up right from your mobile app.


A smart lock should be able to alert you whenever it is opened. You’ll always know when people are coming into your home, with custom codes to know exactly who unlocked the door. Advanced systems will show you a history of access and allow you to review activity anytime.

Connected Devices, Working Together

Connected devices are the building blocks of your smart home. They connect to the Internet so you can control them through apps on your smartphone. With more things in the home getting connected every day, it’s important to consider how a device you buy today will be able to work with others you add to your home in the future.

Connected devices can be standalone, or part of a smart home system. The more they integrate with each other – ideally through a single platform and app – the more you can do.

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Get an alert if a window is opened, or is left open.


Motion Sensor with image capture and triggered image alerts and peek-in viewing.


Choose from among top of the line panels.


Get an alert whenever a door is opened.


Automate and remotely control your home’s climate.


Connect lights for automation, remote control, and added safety.


Automate and remotely control your door locks.


Remotely control your garage doors, and get a reminder if left open.